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Ultrasonic Driver


Piezo Ceramics

Piezo Actuator, chip

Piezo Actuator, stack

Pre-stressed Piezo Plate

Pre-stressed Piezo, Ring






Piezo Bender

Piezo Shear Actuator

Piezo Electric Tube

Piezo Sensor, Transducer

Piezo Driver









PDUS210 210W Ultrasonic Driver and Analyzer


 : : E:\Ȩ\products\image piezo\pdus210.png

Output voltage range : 0V to 800Vpp (customizable)


Peak output current : 0-32App


Frequency range : 20 - 200kHz


Precision resonance and power tracking


Built-in frequency response analysis


USB control and monitoring


Programmable interface via RS485


Comprehensive overload protection with shutdown





Ultrasonic Actuators


: : E:\Ȩ\products\image piezo\ultrasonicsensor.png


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